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Co-Ferment | Serendipity | Klindt Vineyard


Special Release, limited production.

A co-fermented wine of Pinot Gris + Pinot Noir from the same vineyard. A light, fruity red...drinks like a Beaujolais. Serve chilled.

Cofermentation is the practice in wine making of fermenting two or more grape varietals or field blends at the same time when producing a wine. Wells takes these two varietals (Pinot Gris + Pinot Noir), both growing in the Klindt Vineyard in Anderson Valley, and ferments them together in neutral oak. The result is the most beautiful combination of a light, fruity red wine. It's an absolute delight served chilled.

We call it, Serendipity.

Serendipity is something interesting or pleasant happening by chance. Unexpected good luck... How wonderful that these two varietals, growing in the same field, can be blended together to create such a delicious wine.

This wine took our guests by surprise last vintage. Crazy, high summer temps but craving a bottle of red? This was one of the most fun crowd pleasers because it was so unexpected. A chilled red? It was love at first sip...

66% Pinot Gris + 33% Pinot Noir

Concrete egg + neutral French oak for 6 months

Total Cases Produced: 112

One Wine | Two Labels

% Alc by Vol: 13.0%

Winemaker: Wells Guthrie

Winemaker Notes

Aromatics: Blood orange, dried rose petals, candied pastille red  fruits
Palate: crunchy red fruits (cranberry/pomegranate/cherry) medium body, slight effervescence 
Finish: bright red and dark fruits, vibrant acid, lingering, fennel fronds


Klindt Vineyard

These rocky soils, coupled with the cold climate of the Deep End, cause the vines to struggle and naturally limit production to small amounts of intense fruit.

  • Planted in 1998

  • Sustainably farmed

  • 18 inches of heavy clay loam overlying a layer of fractured rock

  • Located in the Deep End

  • Farmer: Norman Kobler

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